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20 years anniversary soon!

Welcome to all Rocky Horror Fans in the world!
This is the official website of the Rocky Horror Picture Show MIDI Project. What is the Project about? I personally started it in 1997 and its goal is to convert all songs from this Cult-Musical in MIDI format. Believe me, this is not that easy! For instance, to create an MP3 file you can easily rip it from the original CD track. To create a MIDI song you have to completely write the music from scratch, you have to compose it! This is called 'sequencing'. So anyone can create an MP3 but only a musician can compose a MIDI of a certain quality (i mean, not a ringtone).
Here is the list of all songs i sequenced:

Science-Fiction Double-Feature
Dammit Janet
Over at the Frankenstein place (vocals)
Over at the Frankenstein place
Sweet transvestite
I can make you a man
Hot Patootie - Bless my soul
I can make you a man (Reprise)
Touch-a, touch-a, touch me
Floor Show
(Fanfare) Don't dream it
Wild and Untamed Thing
I'm going home
Rocky climbs the RKO tower
Super Heroes
Science-Fiction Double-Feature (Reprise)
Ghost track

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